Well Hello There

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I went through period of boredom at work, no new challenges or something new to learn, so to get rid of that boredom I decided to answer some questions on Stack Overflow (mainly in the google-apps-script and other Google Apps related tags where you actually answer 😂). I got really hooked up, but after hitting 1k rep and earning a gold badge an idea occurred to me, write blog posts about web development, design and things I found interesting. I didn’t have a blog, so after considering Wordpress, Tumblr and other platforms, I decided to learn and use Jekyll, because I heard that's what the cool kids use nowadays.

I’ve noticed that writing helps me put my thoughts together and allows me to express myself better AFK situations. The funny thing is I’m terrible at writing (as you may have noticed), surely writing the first posts is going to take me some time, but if that were not enough challenge I decided to translate all my post to Spanish. So, let’s all hope I can craft some posts that are understandable and interesting to others 🤞.

That’s all for today! Thanks for stopping by and see you soon 😊.